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Are you frustrated, every day, when low performers disappoint you and your leadership team? Do you find that only about one fourth of the people hired in your company turn out to be the high performers you wanted, expected, and figured you paid for? If so, you’re not alone. Our research shows that, on average, CEOs are disappointed with 75% of the people hired in their companies. Whether you lead a company with 10 people or 100,000, you can begin hiring high performers and avoiding mis-hires, in every job, with Topgrading today!

Common Hiring Methods Just Don’t Work

We met with just the #1 Human Resources executives in just the largest 100 companies in the world and they admitted only 20% of the people they hire turn out to be high performers who fit their culture. The average hiring success rate of tens of thousands of hiring managers we have polled is only 25%. Three out of four people they hire disappoint.

Most companies experience too many mis-hires because they 1) screen from resumes, 2) use behavioral interviews any candidate can fake, and 3) do superficial reference checks so there’s no verifying if candidates tell you the truth. Candidates can tell anything they choose and you end up hiring too many disruptive low performers.

Topgrading is the Most Proven Hiring Method

Topgraders hire A players most of the time because they 1) use the Threat of Reference Check “TORC” technique that works, 2) conduct thorough interviews that reveal all strengths and weaker points, and 3) candidates arrange reference calls, so everything a candidate writes or says is verified. Hiring decisions are made based on reliable, comprehensive information.

Hundreds of companies are more successful because of Topgrading. At read quotes by leaders who, in their own words, say Topgrading made the company more profitable, improved the culture, and accelerated growth. No other hiring approach has case studies like these: the average improvement in hiring HIGH PERFORMERS more than tripled.


How CEOs Get Started with Topgrading

Avoid Mis-Hires

1. Use The Topgrading Snapshot To Screen Candidates

Your entire organization can start hiring better today using the Topgrading Snapshot.  It is an inexpensive tool that scares away low performers and candidates with spotty career histories while attracting candidates who have the potential to be A players in the job you need to fill.  The Topgrading Snapshot gives you a full and accurate picture of a candidate’s education and career at a glance, and in minutes you will know if it is worth investing more time with that person.  You will hire better because there will be more A players and fewer C players in the candidate pool. Learn More!

2. Education and Training

We can teach managers how to avoid mis-hires and identify potential high performers for front-line through manager roles.  These two-day sessions are highly interactive and participants will get hands on experience and coaching in the Topgrading hiring steps they need to know to hire top-notch people. Learn More!

3. Get expert assessments on higher-level strategic hires

As a CEO you are painfully aware of the huge costs of hiring people who turn out to be disappointing.  When the cost of a mis-hire could be millions, most Topgrading companies enlist the help of a Topgrading Professional because our assessments result in avoiding virtually all mis-hires that consume leaders’ time and waste precious resources.  Learn more about our hiring programs here.

Pack Your Team with A Players!

4. Succession Planning

Determining who has the aptitude and characteristics to be the next high performing leader of a group is difficult without the correct tools and processes.  Topgrading Professionals provide highly accurate assessments with comprehensive feedback to you.  And they provide hard-hitting, highly credible developmental coaching so that managers achieve their career goals faster and your business becomes stronger.   Learn more about our succession planning program here.

5. Full Topgrading Implementation and Rollout

You are currently paying for high performers in every role in your organization, but most leaders are frustrated because their teams consist of a mixture of A, B, and C players.  We can help you quickly move toward a team made up of resourceful, driven, results-oriented people who fit the organization culture you desire.  Your business will grow faster, be more innovative, and be more fun to lead.  Learn more about how you can pack your team with A players.

6. Talk to a Topgrading Professional

Every company is unique in some ways, and with 40 years of experience we can tailor Topgrading methods to be sure you achieve the dramatic increases in hiring and promoting success. Call us at 847-244-5544 and we’ll answer your questions and arrange for you to talk with an experienced professional.

Have more fun!

Seriously!  We’ve worked with over 500 CEOs who packed their teams with A Players, improved company performance, and would tell you they had a lot more fun leading their talent-infused company.