For Human ResourcesHR Managers in Topgrading companies are highly respected, because the managers they serve hire much better performers.  Topgrading makes hiring easier, legally defensible, and better.  Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS), including the Topgrading Snapshot, efficiently screen in high performers and screen out those with fictitious resumes and poor records of performance.  And TOLS can be integrated with your Applicant Tracking System to make your job that much easier.


Topgrading has been thoroughly vetted by employment law firm Seyfarth Shaw.  We are aware of no charges against any company for use of Topgrading methods.  

There is no tool or technique in the HR world that claims to achieve a fraction of the documented Topgrading results. Your internal clients will immediately begin thanking you for sending them much better candidates.  The 3rd Edition of Topgrading provides 40 case studies in which large and small companies improved hiring success from 26% to 85%. CEOs are quoted saying Topgrading made their company more successful — and Human Resources staff are given a lot of credit for implementing Topgrading.  You can read these case studies at



Quality of hire has been the biggest challenge for Human Resources because there simply have not been highly reliable hiring methods…until Topgrading entered the field.  We met with just the #1 HR executives of just the biggest 100 companies in the world and they said only 20% of the people they hire turn out to be the expected high performers – the talent they figure they pay for.  They said that the 80% who  didn’t give them “what they paid for” are mis-hires.  The Topgraders in the room said they achieve 75%+ HIGH PERFORMERS hired.

Topgrading is remarkably “common sense” and easy to implement with the right plan and guidance. Hundreds of companies are more successful because of Topgrading.  Topgrading’s superior results assure HR the respect and appreciation they deserve!

How HR Can Get Started with Topgrading

1. Use The Topgrading Snapshot To Screen Candidates

Your entire organization can start hiring better today using the Topgrading Snapshot.  It is an inexpensive tool that scares away low performers and candidates with spotty career histories while attracting candidates who have the potential to be A players in the jobs you need to fill.  The Topgrading Snapshot gives you a full and accurate picture of a candidate’s education and career at a glance, and in minutes you will know if it is worth investing more time with that person.  Every manager will hire better because there will be more A players and fewer C players in the candidate pool.  Learn More!

2. Education and Training

We can teach managers how to avoid mis-hires and identify potential high performers for front-line through manager roles.  These two-day sessions are highly interactive and participants will get hands on experience and coaching in the Topgrading hiring steps they need to know to hire top-notch people for non-strategic roles. Learn More!

3. Get Expert Assessments on Higher-Level Strategic Hires

When the cost of a mis-hire could be millions, most Topgrading companies enlist the help of a Topgrading Professional because our assessments result in the avoidance of virtually all costly mis-hires that consume leaders’ time and waste precious resources.  Learn more about our hiring programs here.

4.  Succession Planning

Determining who has the aptitude and characteristics to be the next high performing leader of a group is difficult without the correct tools and processes.  Topgrading Professionals provide accurate assessments and comprehensive feedback to you and the prospective leader.  People achieve career goals faster and your business becomes stronger.  Learn more about our succession planning program here.

5. Full Topgrading Implementation and Rollout

You are currently paying for high performers in every role in your organization, but most leaders are frustrated because their teams consist of a mixture of A, B, and C players.  We can help you quickly move toward a team made up of resourceful, driven, results-oriented people – A Players – who fit your organizational culture.  Your business will grow faster, be more innovative, and HR will get credit for improving talent.  Learn more about how you can pack your team with A players.

6.Talk to a Topgrading Professional

Every company is unique in some ways, and with 40 years of experience we can tailor Topgrading methods to be sure you achieve the dramatic increases in hiring and promoting success. Call us at 847-244-5544 and we’ll answer your questions and arrange for you to talk with an experienced professional.

Turbo-boost Your Career with Topgrading!

Hundreds of HR professionals have embraced Topgrading and found their career soaring.  And why not?  The hiring managers you serve will double or triple their hiring success, the Topgrading methods will be “common sense” to you and then, costly mis-hires will plummet, the company will be more profitable, your job satisfaction will skyrocket, and your career star will rise.