Topgrading Workbook

Topgrading Workbook – Online Edition


Discover the 12 Topgrading hiring steps to hiring A Players. Each step is explained, followed by exercises, and the Appendices offer the latest Topgrading forms and guides. This is the only manual used in our two-day Topgrading Workshop and a comprehensive how-to guide for Topgraders.

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Product Description

This “How to Topgrade” manual is like having Brad Smart sit with you and teach you each step in Topgrading hiring. It’s also the only handout you’ll need for internal workshops. It’s all you need to learn what thousands of Topgraders learned, and to achieve 90% hiring success.

Here’s how it’s organized: Each Topgrading step is explained, with color slides and charts to dramatize and clarify points. Then there are up to three fun exercises that help demonstrate Topgrading methods.

Having the Topgrading Workbook at your desk is like attending the two-day Topgrading Workshop, but you can learn at your own pace! Just refer to the Topgrading Workbook and read a section corresponding to where you are in the hiring process. It could take several months to use all 12 Topgrading steps and hire that A Player, and the Topgrading Workbook is your daily coach.

Now we offer the option of a Digital Edition of the Workbook! With just one purchase, you’ll receive credentials to access our online Digital Edition for easy access from your desktop. In addition, you’ll receive a one-year membership to our new mobile portal — compatible for both Android and Apple platforms. Other features include:

  • Table of Contents Thumbnails
  • Add Page Notes & Bookmarking
  • High-quality Zoom for Reading Clarity
  • Highlighted Text Searching
  • Video and audio with options to view in-edition or downloadable to device
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