Topgrading Software


Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS) produces a suite of innovative hiring tools, including:

  • Your improved application form, turbo-boosted with the Topgrading Threat of Reference “TORC” Technique and requests for salary history and performance ratings by all managers
  • The Topgrading Snapshot, the best candidate screening tool ever
  • Auto-populated interview guides, making interviews better and easier

TOLS supports the more comprehensive Topgrading Method – the only hiring method with dozens of documented improvement to 85% hiring success and all CEOs saying Topgrading made the company more profitable.

How does TOLS work?

Simple. Candidates complete your application form, the one infused with our IP, including the “TORC” Technique that really works. Candidates push Send, and before you read the full application forms you first screen their Snapshots, maybe cutting 20 down to 3 or 4 in only 10 minutes! You just saved 25% hiring time. Then you start talking with candidates, using the most revealing interview guides, auto populated with the special Topgrading IP: a quick phone screen guide, the famous Topgrading Interview, and reference check guides which verify (or not) everything you’ve learned about the candidate.

What is special about the Topgrading Snapshot?

The Snapshot solves the biggest problems in hiring:

  • Low performers fudge the truth (so you waste time screening them)
  • Not knowing what their currently salary is (so you waste time with people outside your salary range)
  • Not knowing how their performance was rated in jobs (another reason you waste time screening low performers)
  • Not knowing the real reason(s) they left jobs (so you waste time screening people fired from jobs or their leaving was a questionable “mutual decision.”)

Here’s how TOLS can help you achieve 85% hiring success:

  • Turbo-boost your application form to reveal much deeper insights into candidates.
  • Use the Snapshot to scare away low performers and those with fudged resumes.
  • Screen in honest, high performing candidates at all levels, knowing their full salary history and how bosses would rate them.
  • Interview candidates with easy-to-use guides that are auto-populated with all the valuable information in your turbo-boosted application form.
  • Verify all that candidates told you and all your conclusions in the most revealing reference calls ever, arranged by CANDIDATES (no phone tag).

Learn More!

Topgrading is common sense – on steroids! It assures truth, thoroughness, and solid verification, all 3 of which are absent in common hiring methods. Fill out the form on the right to schedule a call with one of our professionals will show you how easy it is to get started Topgrading!