Screenshot of Topgrading's candidate assessment tools.

Smart, simple candidate assessment

Access the power of the renowned Topgrading method, faster than ever. Use as a standalone tool, or integrate with your applicant tracking system.

A complete candidate screening tool

Simple, intuitive software qualifies candidates based on career history and manager ratings. Custom interview and screening guides help you assess 50 core competencies. TOLS 3.0 is smart, disciplined, effective.

Get ready to be right more often

The only hiring method that consistently yields hiring success rates of 85% and higher.

  • Collect better candidate data
  • Compel weak candidates to drop out
  • Streamline your review process

A powerful suite of innovative hiring tools

How TOLS 3.0 works:

Topgrading’s latest software tells you everything you need to know… before you trust your gut. TOLS 3.0 helps you screen candidates and hire top performers, more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Career History Form

Establishes salary history, manager ratings, and reasons for leaving jobs. The most comprehensive candidate profile available.

Interview and Screening Guides

Gain access to legendary Topgrading interview techniques. Discover secrets behind the success of hundreds of companies, worldwide.

Competency Assessment

Know your candidates better than they know themselves. Never miss a weakness or red flag again.

Candidate Snapshots

Consolidate important candidate data for quick, accurate review. Spend less time on weak candidates and more time on dream candidates.

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