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Topgrading Workshops

This workshop is for hiring managers, recruiters and HR professionals across all industries of various company sizes.

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Professional Interviews

Looking for an expert to ensure you get the next big hire right? We literally “wrote the book” on how to conduct accurate, valid assessments.

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Coaching & Development

We've coached thousands of executives, using a time-tested process that inspires high credibility and conscientious follow through on developmental plans.

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Use the renowned Topgrading method on a world class platform as a standalone tool, or integrate with your applicant tracking system.

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The Impact of Topgrading on Hiring High Performers

  • Pre Tograding

  • Since Topgrading


Organizations that use Topgrading have hiring success rates of 85% and higher
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Success Stories

The Snapshot is amazing!  Even before talking with a candidate you know if they are a job hopper, the real reasons they left jobs, and most important of all – you see how bosses would rate them.

Nothing has been more important for my career success. Really - at least half my career success is attributable to Topgrading methods and the counsel of Topgrading Professionals.

Scott Clawson
CEO, Culligan