Topgrading Mission:

Topgrading, Inc. is led by Dr. Brad Smart, creator of the Topgrading Hiring Solution. Brad is frequently referred to as the world’s foremost expert on hiring methods.


Dozens of documented case studies show over a 300% improvement in hiring success for clients that implement the Topgrading Hiring Solution. CEO’S from large, medium, and small businesses have said that Topgrading has made their company more profitable.

The Topgrading Hiring Solution has been refined over the past four decades to help organizations of all sizes dramatically improve their company talent, culture and profits.

Our mission to “Topgrade the World” is centered on four main objectives:
• Be recognized for the best practices in hiring methods, globally
• Triple the hiring success rates throughout organizations of all sizes
• Boost company profits through the lever of improved talent
• Enable all managers to become most successful by creating “A” teams

At Topgrading, we work with you to dramatically improve your results so that mis-hires become rare.