"Here at Topgrading, we believe what we are doing is not only going to have a positive impact on your life, but could also have a direct impact on global economies. Topgrading is an employer who cares about their team members and sees value in their professional options and areas of expertise. As a startup company, Topgrading will provide you a challenging fast pace and promising career. I am glad I took the opportunity to be a part of the Topgrading team!"

Hilary Zyskowski, National Account Executive

Our Vision

Our vision is to Topgrade the World. Why? Because about half of all people hired turn out to be disappointments … and hurts companies and it hurts the mis-hired people. Despite amazing technological innovations in the world, hiring methods have never been better than Poor … until Topgrading.

We believe that Topgrading truly is the best, most effective, most proven hiring method ever created. Dozens of named case studies (www.TopgradingCaseStudies.com) show average improvement from 26% to 85% high performers hired, with all the CEOs saying Topgrading made the company more profitable.

Our goal is for Topgrading to be the accepted best practice for hiring and promoting people throughout the world. The result will be improved performance from small and large companies, for-profit and NFP. With Topgrading, more organizations will survive, grow more rapidly, hire more people, and contribute to stronger economies.

The second part of our vision is to give all hiring managers a career booster, the skills to double and triple their hiring success using Topgrading methods.

We Need Passionate A Players

We are growing and need high performers with experience in technology and professional services. You will have the opportunity to help shape the future of talent management, improving the lives of individuals and the health of organizations, and make a real contribution to a better world.

Currently Hiring For:

Senior Account Representative

Chicago, IL

We are looking for amazing, entrepreneurial, action-oriented sales representatives who can do it all – quickly qualify leads, convert warm leads into clients, grow connections with current clients, and find organizations who need our help.  We have aggressive growth goals and you will be integral in helping us achieve them while helping define how to best interact with prospects and current clients.  You will get to work closely with the existing sales team and our leaders to help individual managers and entire organizations grow.
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