Human Resources has been “under the gun” since McKinsey & Co. launched the War for Talent decades ago. Overwhelming evidence showed the “war for talent” to be a losing battle for most companies, because the rate of bad hires has continued to be overwhelming. HR budgets shot up but a follow up study by McKinsey & Co. showed very little improvement in hiring. Our research with hundreds of CEOs has shown their #1 business headache to be bad hires. When the bar is set high – the percent high performers hired, the Global 100 heads of HR said their hiring success is only 20%. The Topgraders in the room said they achieved 80% high performers hired.

Why is hiring so difficult?

Three reasons:

  1. Too many candidates fudge their resumes and fake their interviews
  2. Common interview methods don’t reveal much
  3. Reference calls are rarely with the managers of candidates

Those realities have put a huge burden on HR.  Fortunately, Topgrading has a lot to offer HR because Topgrading solved those three problems. There is no tool or technique in the HR world that can claim a fraction of the documented results of Topgrading. Human Resources personnel in companies that implement the Topgrading Hiring Solution deliver what CEOs want most – High Performers. HR managers who Topgrade are the most respected in the profession, earn unparalleled respect from their peers and the CEO, and (we know this to be true) have more fun and satisfaction because they are in the top 1% of HR professionals who really improve Quality of Hire.

How does Topgrading help HR?  Getting down into the weeds…

  • At the resume stage HR Sends a link to candidates for them to provide information that quickly identifies the sharpest, most honest, highest performing candidates.
  • HR typically conducts fewer phone screens because weaker candidates have already dropped out. This helps save HR time and money. Hiring managers are then shown only the best candidates.
  • Topgrading Interviews by the hiring manager and HR identify the best of the best.
  • Candidate-arranged reference calls (no phone tag) confirm this is a high performer … or confirm the opposite.
  • Internal clients (your hiring managers) appreciate the fact that HR is sending them fewer but better candidates.
  • Annual Quality of Hire statistics show dramatic increases in high performers hired, turnover declines, profits shoot up, and the culture rises to new heights.  Why?  A critical mass of high performers achieve unprecedented successes, and everyone benefits.
  • With HR delivering much better talent at all levels, HR earns respect and as never before is invited to partner with business heads, to be an integral member of their strategic teams.

Turbo-boost Your Career with Topgrading

Many HR professionals who embraced Topgrading have doubled or even tripled their company’s hiring success rate. Reducing bad hires and increasing “A” teams make companies more profitable and managers more successful. This will increase your overall job satisfaction and boost your career success.

Legal Defensibility

Topgrading is legally defensible.  All three editions of Topgrading have sections written by global employment law firm, Seyfarth Shaw.   We have been advised that no lawsuit or EEOC charge has ever been filed as a result of using the Topgrading methodology to enhance your workforce.

Talk to a Topgrading Professional

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