Conduct a Hiring Interview with One of the World’s Top Interviewers

Conduct a hiring interview with a Topgrading Professional in order to:

  • learn by watching;
  • learn by participating in the interview and getting coaching; and
  • make the very best hiring decision.

At Topgrading, Inc., all of our professionals have conducted more than 1,000 in-depth Topgrading Interviews. We believe our track record in terms of recommending candidates who turn out to be A Players is unmatched. We also are absolutely convinced that the Topgrading Interview is the most thorough, effective hiring interview, and the related Topgrading methodology is the most proven, effective hiring approach by far. We offer 40 of our latest named case studies online where you can read how hiring success more than tripled and the CEOs say the company is more successful because of Topgrading.

If you are a senior executive, why not spend a day with me or another Topgrading Professional to polish your interviewing skills? You can observe and be observed by a Topgrading Professional, so you will receive the best interviewing training imaginable, and together we’ll assure that you will make the best hiring decision. Here’s the agenda:

  • Prior to the day together, you and a Pro will finalize a Job Scorecard, defining the position, the job accountabilities, and required competencies.
  • The internal or external candidate will complete the Topgrading Career History Form, which will produce the Topgrading Snapshot (“picture” of the candidate’s career success) and Topgrading Interview Guide.
  • You and the Topgrading Professional will meet at an office in the Chicago area or a location you designate. Allow for about six hours.

An hour or so prior to the Topgrading Interview, the two of you will discuss the valuable information the candidate revealed in the Topgrading Career History Form and Topgrading Snapshot. The Topgrading Professional will take the lead role throughout the Topgrading Interview, but you both will follow the Topgrading Interview Guide and you will join in to ask questions. Following the interview, you and the Topgrading Professional will discuss all you have learned about the candidate, decide whether to proceed with the candidate or not, and if so, what people you want the candidate to arrange reference calls with. You’ll receive feedback and suggestions on your interviewing technique.

You will no doubt glean the deepest, most revealing, most accurate, and most thorough insights into a candidate ever.

You’ll learn from the Topgrading Professional how to:

  • Create a Job Scorecard so that the hiring manager and the candidate are crystal clear about what the job is, what the accountabilities are, and what competencies are necessary.
  • Conduct a Topgrading Interview. Watch a Topgrading master at work, building and maintaining rapport, smoothly moving the interview along, probing with follow-up questions, and controlling any attempt by the interviewee to take charge or avoid questions.
  • Improve as an interviewer. You’ll learn the best methods by observing the Pro. And because you’ll participate in the interview, then ask questions, too, the Topgrading Professional will observe you and after the interview make suggestions for how you can improve your interviewing skills.
  • Interpret interview information. The two of you will compare notes and connect dots to assure the deepest, most accurate insights.
  • Make the best hiring decision. The two of you will arrive at a valid conclusion whether to reject the candidate or proceed by asking the candidate to arrange calls with former managers and others you choose.
  • Achieve greater career success by doubling or tripling your success picking talent. This is what it’s all about – determining the next steps to master Topgrading and pick better people who will work in teams of higher performers and deliver superior results. Jack Welch added $400 billion in the value of the General Electric stock as CEO, and what do you think his secret weapon was – maybe improving hiring and promoting success from 25% to over 90%?

To learn more about our complete range of Topgrading Professional services, call us at 847-244-5544, or click here for our Topgrading Pro Services Guide.  Complete the Contact Us form, and you’ll be linked up with a Pro so you can schedule what could be the most valuable interviewing experience of your career.

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