Improve your talent in 2018: Who are the A, B, or C Players?  

This is the time of year to make New Years’ resolutions.  On a personal level we might commit to working out more and communicating more with relatives.  On a business level we systematically go through our annual budgeting and planning processes, committing to increase revenue, drive down costs, and launch initiatives that will turbo-boost our profits.  And every year we set goals for improving our talent mix and commit to increasing the percent of high performers … but setting talent goals is agonizing because we rarely succeed in achieving them … right?

I’m guessing “right” because we at Topgrading, Inc. have interviewed tens of thousands of executives and regardless of the time of year we’ve heard details of their personal and professional goals, and their “resolutions” to achieve them.  And as you can imagine, we have heard from almost every manager that a major annual frustration is dealing with that chronic problem: talent.   We usually hear, “I want an A team, but more than half of my team are NOT  A Players, and it never gets much better than that because only 1 in 4 people I hire turns out to be an A Player.”

This is the first in a series of three blogs to help you improve your team in 2018:

  • Blog #1: How to Rate Your Team A, B, or C Players
  • Blog #2: How to Decide Who Are Your Most (and Least) Valuable Members
  • Blog #3: Four Actions to Improve Your Team in 2018

Of course you want everyone on your team to be an A Player, but let’s be clear about the distinctions among As, Bs, and Cs.

In the next blog we’ll look at a quick but effective method for determining your current talent level and your 2018 talent needs.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

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