TOLS Overview for Hiring Managers

Would you like a super-quick look at what candidates and hiring managers actually experience when using our Topgrading Online Solutions (or TOLS, as we call it)?  The old, hard-copy Topgrading Forms & Guides have been replaced by online tools that are tailored to client needs and offer all you’d expect for privacy, storage, and security.  The main reason for TOLS is to enable you, even before talking to candidates, to confirm their honesty, their full compensation history, and accurate ratings of their overall performance by their managers.  Here’s the typical scenario:

Candidate sends resume.  You email a confirmation and thank you, with instructions that their next step is for candidates to complete your application form (with copyrighted Topgrading tools inserted) or our Topgrading Career History Form.

The first thing the candidate sees is Instructions, with the Threat of Reference Check, or TORC — the truth serum inserted (highlighted in yellow, below).  “Candidates arrange reference calls with former managers …” is a hugely important statement!  It causes C Players with fudged resumes to drop out – good!  You don’t want to talk with them, and they’d never get former bosses to talk with you.   The truth serum is repeated for every job.



The candidate completes the application and, as you see below, they fill in their FULL COMPENSATION history and how they PREDICT HOW BOSSES WILL RATE THEM when they arrange the reference calls.  Millions of those reference calls have been made so we know that high performers accurately guess boss ratings.





Before reading the completed application form and talking with a candidate, hiring managers review the Topgrading Snapshot.



If Chris is in the right comp range and you want to talk with him, NOW it’s worth your time to read his completed application form.  Here is a typical page …



You might conduct a telephone screening interview.  When the candidate comes in for the tandem Topgrading Interview, just push a button and print out the Topgrading Interview Guide.



The Topgrading Interview is easy – you see 100% of the information the candidate provided in the application form highlighted in boldface type, and all the interviewers do is ask the questions in red and italics, and ask follow-up questions.



Want to learn more? Click here for more details, and call 847-244-5544 for a full demo of all the cool functions that make using Topgrading Online Solutions so effective for quick candidate screening.

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