Topgrading Is Going Global in 2014

Topgrading, Inc., my little company, is growing!  For most of my career, I was a lone consultant, creating Topgrading methods and consulting with many leading companies to integrate those methods.  About 12 years ago, after the release of the first edition of Topgrading created huge demand, I passed on consulting engagements to professionals who adopted Topgrading methods and tools.  But I still had a tiny organization. Five years ago a meeting in New York City shook me up.

In that meeting I presented Topgrading concepts, methods, and results to just the heads of Human Resources from just the largest 100 companies in the world.   Of those attendees, eight were Topgraders — and they said 75% of the managers they hired turned out to be high performers. The other HR executives admitted that – get this – only 20% of the managers they hired turned out to be the expected high performers.  That’s an 80% mis-hire rate! But instead of eagerly learning about Topgrading from me and their peers in the room who Topgraded, they challenged me, asking, “Why don’t you have an organization that educates us about Topgrading?”

That was a good question, and I’m now fully invested in building a global company, with the specific vision of Topgrading the World. Here’s how:

  • Topgrading, Inc., is rapidly hiring client service staff to provide education, demonstrations, and other services to clients.
  • Topgrading, Inc., offers a network of seven Topgrading Professionals (in the USA and Europe), expanding by about 30% annually.
  • We’ve launched a Certified Topgrading Coach program, with Coaches already certified in China, the United States, Europe, and Japan, and 20 more will be certified in 2014.  We’ve partnered with Gazelles and are certifying several of their strategy coaches in Topgrading.
  • We’ve also partnered with Gazelles in their education division, so that managers can participate in a series of Topgrading webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions to implement Topgrading.
  • We’re expanding Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS), a suite of online tools that make Topgrading so quick and efficient to implement that companies can begin immediately to start eliminating costly mis-hires.  We’re building a more sophisticated TOLS platform, to include translations into any language.
  • In the meantime, we’ve added functionality to TOLS to expedite the hiring process. Companies are using TOLS globally with all candidates who read English.  TOLS forms and guides are being adapted to various cultures throughout the world, so that the verbiage doesn’t sound too … ahem! … American.  TOLS includes the Topgrading Snapshot, a picture of a candidate’s career, and it provides accurate boss ratings, full compensation history, and much more. This year, 75,000 packages of TOLS guides and Snapshots have been used by companies to save time, to quickly screen out mediocre candidates, and to interview only the sharpest candidates.
  • We’re offering free, unlimited trial use of TOLS, including the online Topgrading forms, guides, and Topgrading Snapshot, so sign up here.
  • We’re exploring partnerships with leading companies in the Human Resources space to extend the reach of Topgrading.  Perhaps those companies make hiring more efficient or applicant friendly and they would like to partner with us in order to offer their clients the huge benefit of hiring a much higher percentage of high performers.

We’re not shy.  We sincerely believe that if the hiring world were basketball, there is only one professional team (us), no college teams, and the rest are like high school teams.  No other methodology offers the hiring success that Topgrading provides.  That sounds arrogant, but we’re always asking for any case study or CEO testimonial like those for Topgrading, and we get none.  At you can read the latest 40 of hundreds of documented Topgrading case studies, and the average hiring improvement is an increase from 26% to 85% HIGH performers, with the CEOs saying in their own words that Topgrading has definitely made their company more profitable.

If you are frustrated with hiring too many mediocre performers, consider this New Year’s Resolution:  “Test-drive” Topgrading, to see how easy it will be in 2014 to greatly minimize those costly mis-hires.

Published January 7, 2014

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