We’ve conducted research with thousands of managers over 40 years, and we’ve heard similar hiring problems over and over again. One fact has remained unchanged – most managers are disappointed in most of the people they hire. We assume you would love to have a team of almost all HIGH performers but year after year you suffer from too many bad hires.

Our difference is clear: Only the Topgrading Hiring Solution solves the 3 biggest hiring problems

Candidate Dishonesty
More than 40% of resumes contain untruths. Low performers figure they can get away with faking their resume and their interviews, because they know typical reference checks are worthless. The Topgrading Hiring Solution uses a “truth serum,” which is simple, yet powerful: Candidates are informed that a final step in hiring is for them, the candidate, to arrange reference calls with their managers and others you want to talk with.

Shallow Interviews
So-called competency or behavioral interviews are commonplace but easy to fake and not very revealing. Books on 'how to get a job' offer suggestions for faking those interviews. The Topgrading Hiring Solution includes the Topgrading Interview, the platinum standard for hiring interviews. It’s a systematic, chronological interview covering the education years, then all jobs, and more. For every job the candidate is asked for important successes, failures, decisions and relationships, and how their managers would rate them. The “magic” of the Topgrading interview is chronologically revealing patterns across not just some, but all important competencies. Those patterns make it possible to project how well the candidate will do in the position in question.

Poor Verification
Low performers list their friends as references instead of past managers. Background checks help but they are not as valuable as talking with candidates’ direct managers. Reference calls with managers seem impossible, right? The Topgrading Hiring Solution asks candidates to arrange reference calls with their managers to help you verify information and performance. In four decades over a million reference calls have been arranged by candidates – and there is no phone tag.

Put succinctly, the truth serum scares low performers away, the Topgrading Interview reviews ALL of what is important, and candidate-arranged reference calls with managers shoot up the chances of a great hire to 80%+.

In today’s hiring world, a powerful, proven hiring strategy is needed to succeed. Topgrading is not just a small aspect of your Human Resources department. Topgrading is a strategic game-changer, and we are committed to partner with you to ensure long-term hiring success.