Topgrading 401 eBook – Physical Edition


This is the hard-copy version of the free e-book available on our Home Page. A concise, 20-minute read, Topgrading 401 will introduce you to the basic Topgrading techniques and is an excellent resource to share with HR colleagues.


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Topgrading 401 eBook is a hard-copy version of our popular eBook summary of Topgrading history, key concepts, and all 12 Topgrading hiring steps that can help anyone immediately hire and promote better. Purchase today and:

  • Read 40 case studies of companies that improved hiring from 26% to 85% high performers
  • Learn why Topgrading is for small and growth companies, not just large companies
  • Discover how to calculate your company’s costs of mis-hires
  • See how the Topgrading Snapshot saves screening time and gets only top candidates in for interviews
  • Review abbreviated Topgrading methods for entry levels
  • Learn the most revealing interview questions
  • Learn how to get former bosses to talk to you in reference calls

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Publisher: 2017: Dr. Brad Smart
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9777044-9-1
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