Although we train all managers in the Topgrading Hiring Solution, CEOs often want a professional opinion and ask a Topgrading Professional, who has conducted thousands of interviews, to assess candidates for hire or promotion to all-important C-suite jobs.

Topgrading Interview Methods

The process begins with the CEO and Topgrading Professional working together to create a Job Scorecard – a detailed document outlining measurable accountability and behaviors necessary for the new hire to be considered a high performer and a good cultural fit.

Then the Topgrading Interview is conducted to assess the candidate in relation to the Job Scorecard.  The CEO and HR get the report with Hire/No Hire Recommendation, Conclusions, Ratings of the candidate on all Accountabilities, Strengths, Weaker Points, and an Interpretive Career History.

Finally the CEO and Topgrading Professional decide on reference checks – what specific individuals the candidate will arrange reference calls with –  typically most managers from the most recent decade, and also some peers and direct reports.