Maximize the talent you have

Plenty of leaders understand the extreme costs of hiring mistakes and actively work to avoid them. Yet many of these same leaders will turn around and make similar, costly mistakes when promoting people. Our approach to assessing and coaching candidates for promotion takes the same rigorous framework that makes our work with external candidates so successful and applies it to internal people.

For organizations looking to maximize the resources they have, we’re available to assess candidates for promotion, provide career development coaching, and guide succession planning.

Assessing candidates for promotion

Human resources and other executives are routinely dismayed by the number of people they promote who fail to meet performance expectations. They’re painfully aware of cost, too—as with mis-hiring, mis-promoting can cost many times the annual salary of a promoted employee.

When we assess and coach people, we conduct thorough, revealing interviews with candidates for promotion and we do internal reference checks with their subordinates, peers and higher-level managers.

Career development coaching

Once we finish an assessment, managers receive the most thorough, constructive and credible coaching of their career. Having assessed and coached thousands of managers, we know the developmental activities that will maximize strengths and minimize weaker points. We’re proud to report ninety percent of the managers who have been through our process cite it as “extremely useful.”

Our individual development plans

In many companies, an individual development plan (IDP) amounts to little more than a casual agreement at the end of a performance review, in which the employee agrees to pursue an activity or two in the coming months, like attending a seminar on negotiation skills. Sometimes this gets written down, sometimes not.

An IDP that emerges from a Topgrading assessment is a whole different animal. Our IDPs typically outline 3-5 explicitly defined activities, each carefully selected to achieve a balanced approach to strengths and weaknesses. We seek to expand strengths and dissolve weaknesses.

Key distinctions:

  • Managers compose their own IDP after receiving feedback and coaching from one of our professionals
  • IDPs are finalized with approval from the person’s manager and from a human resources representative
  • Each activity outlined in the IDP will include pertinent WHAT/WHERE/WHY/WHEN details, in addition to a plan for measuring results
  • Follow-through on IDP activities in organizations we help is typically quite high

Topgrading is a very thorough, credible process. It’s not uncommon for a manager and Topgrading professional to develop a solid bond of trust, as though they are next-door neighbors. Managers routinely report that the Topgrading professional they worked with was totally devoted to helping them accelerate their growth and 5happiness.

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