The leaders your company deserves

There is nothing more important than identifying and developing leaders within your organization. Many in the business world pay lip service to this, but few establish rigorous plans that set their organization up to achieve its most ambitious goals.

Our research, conducted over several decades, shows that most companies are as likely to be disappointed with someone they promote, as they are with someone they hire new. In fact, only 25 percent of people promoted turn out to be A players once they assume increased responsibilities in their new roles.

Topgrading Leadership Assessment and Development

Why most promotions fail

There are two fundamental reasons that intelligent people at great organizations around the world continue to make poor decisions when promoting people to positions of leadership.

  • Overemphasis on a person’s performance in their current role
  • Overemphasis on the current manager’s opinion of a person
  • Too little emphasis on the unique requirements of the new position

It’s difficult to be objective about a loyal high performer, and it’s difficult to resist the assumption that someone who is highly successful in one role will be highly successful in the next. For example, one common mistake is promoting a top sales rep into management simply because he or she “deserves the chance.” Too often, the rep proves inept at management, hurting the organization’s momentum and morale.

How we ensure success

The Topgrading approach to leadership assessment and development is almost identical to our approach to hiring. We champion rigorous objectivity, so the process is highly credible and perceived as valuable by the leaders assessed and coached.

Promotion assessments include:

  • Development of a job scorecard
  • Completion of a Topgrading interview
  • Co-worker reference checks
  • Final report
  • Individual development plan