Promoting from within made easy

In most companies, succession planning amounts to executives saying who they think is promotable each year. Unfortunately, only 25 percent of people who get promoted turn out to be high performers in their new roles.

Ambitious organizations need a sophisticated plan for identifying and preparing their future leaders. We help establish such plans, and ensure organizations see them through to full fruition.

Topgrading professionals are highly skilled operators when it comes to assessing people and identifying an organizations needs. Our work to establish and manage succession plans is built on the same fundamentals that permeate all of our work. We are rigorous in our assessments and precise in our projections when it comes to the kind of high performing people needed to achieve organizational goals.

Clarifying your vision.

Our work begins by clarifying your business strategy and organizational structure. This helps us understand what talent you’ll need to achieve your goals.

Setting standards.

Next we work with you to develop job scorecards for each of the jobs within two levels of reporting to the CEO.

Getting to know your people.

We will then assess and coach each of your leaders in key roles, using the Topgrading interview, custom survey ratings and discussions with co-workers to gather highly valuable information.

Enacting a plan.

Once we’ve gathered all this information, we help CEOs determine which of their people will perform at an A Player level, and what those people need to achieve their full potential.

As part of the development of any succession plan, all executives we work with receive professional coaching to maximize their strengths and minimize weaker points. This is a hallmark of our process, one that helps make us a highly credible industry leader with diverse experience throughout the business world.