Create a high performing workforce

Many companies measure the time to fill various jobs, in addition to the costs associated with that work. What’s missing from so many organizations is a commitment to go beyond those metrics, to keep a record of other important information that manifests long after a person is hired.

Few companies have data on the percentage of people they hire or promote who turn out to be high performers. Few companies carefully measure the costs of their mis-hires and mis-promotions, both in terms of time and money. Few companies track follow-through on key hiring methods. Yet these and other talent-related indicators are essential to long-term planning and success.

We engage companies of all sizes, to establish disciplined systems for analyzing and reviewing their talent. Our work includes:

Clarifying needs.

We begin by meeting with leadership, to determine the extent to which a company’s talent needs are being met. In doing this, we assess how an organization’s talent ecosystem is impacting its business goals.

Information gathering.

We work with human resources to obtain essential information for our analysis.  This includes, but is not limited to: policy manuals, hiring/promoting methods, performance management methods, and turnover statistics.

Collaboration with HR.

We meet with HR to gather remaining information.  Our experience helps. Sometimes conservative estimates will suffice, in lieu of a costly study, and other times a brief study is in order, perhaps a five-item survey that asks, for example, what hiring managers like and dislike about current hiring methods.

Final analysis.

We analyze all the data, making the numbers come alive, in order to tell your hiring/promoting “story.”