Topgrading Implementation

Though Topgrading concepts, tools, and technology are straightforward and common sense, implementing Topgrading so it becomes part of your organization’s culture takes dedicated resources and a thoughtful plan.  Our Topgrading Experts have helped hundreds of companies implement Topgrading from top to bottom in their organizations.

Those Topgraded organizations have realized:
  1. Dramatically reduced undesirable turnover.
  2. A 90% hiring success rate
  3. A steadily improving percentage of A players at all levels and a dramatically reduced percentage of C players.
  4. Accelerated growth.
  5. Cost reduction; 5 A Players can frequently do the work of  a mixed team of 10 As, Bs, and Cs
  6. Increased innovation.
  7. Higher revenues, profits, valuation, and stock price.
  8. A stronger recruitment brand.
A representative Topgrading Implementation and Rollout sequence is outlined below.
  1. Two people, ideally the CEO and Human Resources, attend our public Topgrading Workshop.
  2. Topgrading Experts conduct a 2-3 Day Immersion in the clients industry, business model, culture, and current hiring processes to create a rollout plan specific to that organization.
  3. The client licenses Topgrading Intellectual Property, including our software.
  4. Hiring and promoting methods are revised to incorporate Topgrading methods.
  5. Initial Topgrading Workshop(s) are conducted for senior leaders.
  6. Topgrading Workshops are conducted for all remaining hiring managers; managers trained immediately use Topgrading methods to hire and promote people.
  7. Topgrading Experts assess candidates for senior leadership positions.
  8. Topgrading Experts assess and coach senior leaders, and help them create powerful Individual Development Plans and they interview finalists for hire and promotion to senior positions.
  9. Topgrading Experts periodically consult with clients to measure hiring and promoting results, measure to be sure Topgrading methods are used, and offer webinars as reminders on how to create Job Scorecards, conduct Phone Screen Interviews, and conduct Reference Call Interviews.

Does this sound complicated?  It really isn’t  —  It’s “common sense” refined through decades of working with companies of all sizes.  Call us (847-244-5544), tell us a little about your organization, and we can simplify the process while tailoring it to your needs.