People initially learn Topgrading methods by attending a 2-day Topgrading Workshop.  Small companies send managers to our public workshops.  Companies with 20+ managers typically opt for onsite workshops tailored to their company.  Mega companies use our Train-the-Trainer program.

Topgrading Public and Onsite Workshops

The Topgrading Workshop introduces managers, recruiters, and HR professionals to the key concepts and methods of Topgrading.

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Typical Workshop Agenda

Day 1 – Topgrading Overview: Topgrading Methods and Concepts

During Day 1, you will:

  • Calculate your hiring success, and the costs of one of your mis-hires
  • Learn how to develop a Job Scorecard
  • Develop your network of A Players to recruit
  • Learn how to analyze completed Topgrading Career History Forms
  • Learn how to quickly screen candidates with the Topgrading Snapshot
  • See a live demonstration of the Topgrading Interview
Day 2 – How to Conduct the Topgrading Interview: Learn by Doing

During Day 2, you will:

  • Conduct a Topgrading Interview with feedback and coaching from Topgrading Professionals
  • Learn the tandem (2-interviewer) approach that increases hiring success to 90%
  • Analyze all the information about the candidate and accurately score a Job Scorecard
  • Learn the keys to accurately and validly interpret interviews
  • Learn how to conduct revealing Reference Check Interviews

It’s our pleasure to offer you the ability to network with other Topgraders, enjoy great cuisine, and receive personalized coaching from our highly sought-after Topgrading Professionals in a small group setting.

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On-Site Topgrading Workshops

For information about on-site workshops, please call Dana Rodriguez 847-244-5544, ext. 375.