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Videos and Online Articles

 Topgrading Method for hiring A Players at your Start-up Founders&Tips, 2015 (Article in Spanish)

 Retaining Your High Performers Risk&Business, 2015

 How Topgrading Helped One Commercial Insurer Hire Nearly All ‘A’-Level Managers Carrier Management, 2013

 Weeding Out Bad Employees video interview with Brad Smart

 Hone Your Interviewing Techniques video interview with Brad Smart

Topgrading for Sales Inc. Magazine YouTube (2 minutes)

Must-Reads for B-Schoolers Eyeing Careers on Wall Street The Wall Street Journal Online

The Costs of CEO Failure Chief Executive

Find Your Hire Power Small Business Review

Published Articles

Tough CEOs Often Most Successful, A Study Finds The Wall Street Journal Online

Looking to Hire the Very Best? Fortune Magazine

Ten Ways to Hire Top Performers

Forced Ranking Still Championed by Some Wall Street Journal

Corporate Therapy (Featuring Dr. Brad Smart) Wall Street Journal

Get Your “A” Players Here Workforce Management cover story


How to Topgrade Leadership Excellence

High Cost of Mis-Hires Paper360

Topgrading: Power Tool for Boosting Recruitment Sales

How to Hire High Performing Maintenance Personnel DOM Magazine

The Topgrading Approach to Succession Planning SCI

How A Players Make Decisions Switched on Leadership

Radio Interviews

Brad Smart – BizTalk Radio Interview July 31, 2013

Brad Smart – Mark Deo Interview

Brad Smart – Steve Mullen Startup Bizcast Interview

Brad Smart – Steve Lubetkin NAPL Interview

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