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To start Topgrading immediately, please watch the following 12-minute video, or read our brief summary, below.

Topgrading Lite from Topgrading, Inc. on Vimeo.

Topgrading Lite: Five Steps to Hiring Success


Inject The Topgrading “Truth Serum”

Add one powerful sentence to your discussions with every potential candidate for employment with your organization. It’s called the Threat of Reference Check, or TORC Technique. It’s a powerful “truth serum” that has been used for more than three decades to motivate all candidates to tell the whole truth in application forms and interviews. It’s incredibly simple, and here’s how it works: At every step in the hiring process, remind candidates that before receiving a job offer from your organization, a final step is for them (the candidate) to arrange reference calls with former bosses and others that you select.


Use The Topgrading Snapshot To Screen Candidates

Start using the Topgrading Career History Form, which produces the Topgrading Snapshot, the best screening tool on the planet. Candidates who complete the Career History Form, which contains the TORC Technique “truth serum,” will be asked for their full employment and compensation history, honest boss ratings, and much more. Then, with a 10-second review of the one-page, multi-color Topgrading Snapshot, you’ll immediately be able to screen out weaker candidates, not only saving you time, but more importantly assuring that you’ll only interview the “best of the best” candidates.


Use The Topgrading Interview Guide

Conduct a Topgrading Interview using the Topgrading Interview Guide, which contains your candidate’s responses from the Career History Form and can be printed along with the Topgrading Snapshot and Topgrading Career History Form. The Topgrading Interview Guide is the most powerful, valid, and proven hiring tool, bar none. It’s a chronological interview that takes candidates through their full career. With candidates motivated to be totally honest, why not delve into every job – and every success, failure, key decision, and key relationship including boss relationships? This is a four-hour interview for professional-level candidates and less than an hour’s interview for entry-level candidates. Use of the famous Topgrading Interview Guide has, more than all the other steps, accounted for leading companies including General Electric, Honeywell, American Heart Association, as well as hundreds of small and growth companies, to more than triple their hiring success.


Use A Tandem Interviewer

Use a second interviewer to conduct Topgrading Interviews. Two heads (and minds) truly are better than one! Companies using the Topgrading Interview with only one interviewer (for management jobs) generally improved their hiring success another 25% by adding the tandem interviewer.


Ask Candidates To Arrange Reference Calls With Former Bosses And Others

The last step is easy. At the end of the tandem Topgrading Interview, you and your tandem interviewer decide which people you want to talk with — former managers, perhaps a couple of peers, and maybe a couple of subordinates. Ask the candidate to arrange the calls. Within a day or two a sharp candidate will email you with the availability and mobile numbers of the references. Ahh — no telephone tag!

By using these five simple steps, you’ll be started on the path to much greater success in your hiring, and your costs of those mis-hires will plummet. As your organization begins to experience the positive results from the contributions made by the A Players you have recruited and hired via this process, you’ll quickly understand why Topgrading is what sets the world’s best companies apart from the rest.