Clients can license our Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS) software to accompany their Topgrading Implementation.

TOLS is a software program designed to completely integrate the Topgrading Hiring Solution within companies both large and small.

Using TOLS

Candidates are sent a link at the resume stage to divulge detailed information about their 2 most recent jobs. This provides HR personnel the ability to easily screen candidates before talking with them.  TOLS produces a PreScreen Snapshot and picture (“snapshot”) of the recent career.  The Topgrading “truth serum” assures honest responses and the Snapshot shows how managers would rate them, real reasons they left jobs, and more.

The Topgrading PreScreen Snapshot produces an auto-populated Phone Screen Guide, perfect for narrowing the field to candidates worth interviewing in person.

After the phone screen, Candidates then fill out a more detailed Career History Form, producing Topgrading Snapshots of the person’s entire career. Our software program then auto-populates the Topgrading Interview Guide, enabling trained managers to glean unprecedented insights into all competencies relevant to the job.

Finally, the Candidate is asked to arrange reference calls and auto-populated Reference Check Guides are produced.

TOLS smoothly provides for comments and ratings at each stage.