Screenshot of Topgrading's candidate assessment tools.

A proven hiring method facilitated by a world-class internet platform

Access the power of the renowned Topgrading hiring method to organize the Topgrading forms, guides, and pictures (Snapshots) of candidates’ career. TOLS can integrate with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Unmatched success hiring

Only Topgrading Software solves two of the biggest problems hiring: 1) candidates hyping strengths and hiding weaker points, and 2) weak verification of what candidates told you.  Dozens of case studies (see Case Studies in Resources) show an average of 85% high performers hired at all levels of the company using Topgrading, including TOLS.

Two options for using TOLS 3.0

1. Use the Topgrading Prescreen Snapshot

Before talking with candidates send them a link, asking for information JUST about their most recent two jobs in our Career History Form.  Takes them 6 minutes.  You get Snapshots and in seconds see quite accurate performance ratings by managers, true reasons for leaving jobs, salary (optional to customers), if the candidate is a job hopper, and answers to your knock-out questions.

The Topgrading Prescreen Snapshot includes a motivator for candidates to tell you the whole truth, and assures reference calls with their managers (and NO phone tag).   You pick the best Snapshots and use the auto-populated Phone Screen Guide for your initial interview. This fully automated tool is intended to enable small companies and individual managers to use Topgrading in the simplest form, but one which enables them to take a big step toward better hiring.

Click here to go to the TopgradingPresScreenSnapshot site and use the Free Trial, with 10 links to send to candidates.  Then buy packages of links.

2. Use the full TOLS 3.0 software

With a license for unlimited candidates, take candidates from the resume stage through no-phone-tag reference calls with their managers:

  • Topgrading PreScreen Snapshot (see above). Identifies the REAL high performers.
  • Phone Screen Interview, auto-populated with the candidate information about the most recent two jobs, plus time-tested additional questions. Identifies the candidates worth interviewing in person.
  • Candidates complete the rest of the (saved) Career History Form – education, all the other jobs, plans for the future. And you get a full Topgrading Snapshot, showing full job history, education, and all performance ratings by their managers.
  • Topgrading Interview, the platinum standard of in-depth interviews, using the auto-populated Topgrading Interview Guide. No other interview reveals a fraction of what the Topgrading Interview reveals about not just a few but ALL important competencies.
  • Reference Check Interviews using the Topgrading Reference Check Guide. For 40 years hiring managers and HR have used this guide to talk with the bosses of candidates, with NO phone tag.   Topgrading solved the problem of “weak verification.”


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